From TDMN: Dallas, faith leaders praise Ebola efforts and face work ahead

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With the worst hopefully behind them, Dallas leaders met Wednesday with the area’s faith community to commend each other’s efforts in the local fight against Ebola while acknowledging that much work remains to be done.

The collective group hug at Park Cities Baptist Church was part celebration, part relief and part encouragement for the road ahead. But the healthy return of Dallas’ two Ebola-stricken nurses and Wednesday’s significance as the end of the 21-day self-monitoring period for the health care workers who treated patient Thomas Eric Duncan gave the event a palpable buoyancy.

“These individuals are healthy and we are so excited for that fact,” said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, among the panel that included County Judge Clay Jenkins, City Council member Jennifer Staubach Gates and several religious community leaders.

Never did things seem darker, Rawlings said, than when Presbyterian nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson were diagnosed with the deadly virus. Their relatively quick recovery was cause for joy.

“To see them come back with their cheerful faces and enthusiasm just feels so good,” Rawlings said.

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