1275870_270367646465885_518737101_oBeing a great city means having great basics and great neighborhoods. As our Councilmember, Jennifer has focus on improving the city services that touch our everyday lives, and she made sure that City Hall is continually working to cut waste, find efficiencies and protect our taxpayers.

A taxpayer’s perspective. As a strong fiscal conservative and the Vice Chair of the Budget, Finance and Audit Committee, Jennifer brings a taxpayer’s perspective to City Hall. That means holding the line on taxes, and focusing existing tax dollars on critical basic services that serve everyday citizens. And, it means that Jennifer will work diligently to cut government waste and bureaucracy, and she will find new ways to get taxpayers more city services for the taxes they already pay.

Keep us safe. Jennifer believes there is nothing more important than the safety of our families and that’s why she’s proud to serve on the Public Safety committee as our Councilmember. In her initial Council campaign, she was strongly endorsed by the Dallas Police Association and constantly works with the DPA and the Dallas Police Department to improve our safety and give the brave men and women who protect us the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. In addition, Jennifer serves as the chair for the Domestic Violence Taskforce, and holds regular meetings that help to bridge communication between the Dallas Police Department, the District Attorney’s office, judges, and community partners. This collaboration aims to strengthen the forces that are fighting to end domestic violence in Dallas.

Better parks, culture & arts. A mother of two and an aunt to more than 17 nieces and nephews, all of which live in our Council District, Jennifer knows first hand the value of our local parks, greenspaces and rec centers. As our Councilmember, Jennifer worked to ensure these amenities are clean, well-maintained and enhanced, so that our neighbors of all ages can have access to the outdoor spaces that improve our quality of life. And, she sits on the Arts, Culture & Libraries Committee, ensuring that all our citizens – and visitors to the City – are inspired to live a lifetime of learning.

1417665_222663374569646_522199283_oSmart economic growth. With more than two decades of community leadership experience helping manage multi-million budgets for non-profit causes in our community, Jennifer understands that the value of creating new revenue sources in a smart way. As our Councilmember, she has worked diligently with both developers and neighborhoods to produce smart, sustainable economic growth that creates new tax revenues, reduce the tax burden on our homeowners, while also enhancing the surrounding neighborhoods.

Honest, ethical government. When it comes to who will represent our community, nothing is more important than honesty and integrity – values that Jennifer Staubach Gates has held true to for her entire life. As our Councilmember, Jennifer always put the needs of our community at the center of every decision she made on our behalf. She represented our community with respect to our taxpayers and families. And, she will continue to lead for greater transparency and stronger ethics – because good government begins with earning the public trust.

10689995_370462343123081_7475363538763913291_nA consensus-builder. Growing up in a large family and working on a wide variety of boards and committees, like Trustee of the Catholic Foundation, Jennifer was raised in a consensus-building environment. As your Councilmember, she worked to bring people together, get them moving behind good ideas, and get things done.