From TDMN: Jennifer Staubach Gates rescues choking diner at restaurant

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Dallas City Council member Jennifer Staubach Gates may have saved an elderly restaurant patron’s life by administering first aid Monday night.

Gates, a registered nurse, was eating dinner with her husband and some friends at The Mercury, at Preston Road and Forest Lane, when a waiter rushed by in search of a medical professional.

A diner was choking, the waiter said.

“They were doing the Heimlich. He appeared unconscious,” Gates said Wednesday.

The man was foaming at the mouth, and when Gates checked for a pulse, she found none.

“I thought he was dead,” she said. “I thought he was gone. I thought he’d had a heart attack … and that I wasn’t going to get him back. His eyes were rolled back. It was bad.”

With the man on the ground, she started administering chest compressions, as one does when performing CPR. After two or three minutes, she said, he regained consciousness and regurgitated.

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