From TDMN: Vickery Meadow neighborhood is ‘melting pot of America’

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When J.D. Newsom heard about the Ebola case in Dallas, he knew it would hit close to home.

“I had a gut feeling this was somehow connected to the refugee program,” said Newsom, vice president of operations for Refugee Services of Texas, the state’s largest resettlement program. “It was, indeed.”

Newsom’s agency had no connection to Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan nor to the family he was visiting. Still, the Liberian man was staying in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood, where Newsom’s agency has placed hundreds of refugee families over the years.

That the northeast Dallas neighborhood hosted the first Ebola case diagnosed in this country was not altogether surprising for people who know Vickery Meadow. It is an eclectic neighborhood filled with refugee and immigrant families — and the densest area of Dallas.

“It’s kind of the melting pot of America,” said Jennifer Staubach Gates, whose City Council district includes the neighborhood. She has spent the past two weeks talking to residents, trying to calm fears over Ebola.

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